Welcome to the online home of OBesa Cantavit

Vocal ensemble OBesa Cantavit seeks to inspire listeners with the beauty and emotion of great choral music.

OBesa repertoire features traditional and unusual a cappella works from foreign lands and forgotten times, and compositions from 20th and 21st century American composers.
Based in Stonington Connecticut, founding artistic director Dara Blackstone has brought entertaining but thought provoking concerts to CT, RI and Eastern MA community.

OBesa Cantavit Women present a choral concert featuring
the music of contemporary female composers; Daley,Symko,Walker
 & poets Dickenson, Rosetti & Teasdale
APRIL  4, 2014  - 7 pm - United Church of Stonington 
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OBesa Cantavit is Latin for "The Fat Lady has Sung!"